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You Changed My Life for the Better

“By now, everyone knows that the first time I met you, I thought you were a douchebag. I also know that when you finally propose, I thought you were joking and swore at you. But most importantly, I know that I’ve never been as happy as I am with you by my side.” - Claire

Wedding Cinema Film Highlight | Claire and Nathan

Nathan and Claire first met with friends during the Australia Day BBQ. Claire initially did not want to go but her best friend and Maid of Honor convinced her otherwise.

Their first encounter was at the wrong side of the foot for Claire as she thought that Nathan was full of himself. So when Nathan proposed to her, she thought that he was only joking. But it was a different experience for Nathan because when he first met her, he became a more open person than he was before.

“Since I met you, I’m definitely a more open person. I vow to always hold your hand, be there for you when you need me, and even when you don’t.” - Nathan

This lovely couple share a lot of common things. Nathan and Claire both like music and food. They prefer staying at home like hermits whilst cuddling or sharing stories about romance and even embarrassing moments they had together. On the other hand, they both dislike pretentious people and crowds.

“I promise to choose you every day and to love you even more with every passing moment.” -Claire

One time, they went to an African-vibe restaurant in Newtown. Nathan told Claire that it was an incredible place with amazing food and with the best atmosphere. But when they arrived there, the weather was humid and drizzling. They sat at one of the tables that’s barely off the road. And it was like they went to BYO because half the menu was crossed out due to lack of food.

But the thing was they cannot leave the place because the people there did not want them to leave the restaurant once they already sat down. So they just stayed there whilst drummers stood next to their table playing drums loudly in their ears for at least thirty minutes! They left the restaurant after with a strong need for Panadol and an awesome story to tell.

Like any other couple who wanted to get married during the time of the pandemic, Nathan and Claire did postpone their wedding due to COVID-19. It was an easy decision for them because they wanted to share their special moments with the people that matter to them.

So during their wedding day, they enjoyed every bit of it. One of the most memorable and beautiful moments they had was when Nathan finally saw Claire walk down the aisle. But the happiest moment for the both of them was to see their friends, families, and the people they love came to witness them tie their knots and share their special day.

Wedding Film Teaser | Claire and Nathan

“You have made my life even infinitely better and I cannot wait for one day to have our own family together.” - Nathan

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