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A Vow To My Bestfriend

Updated: Jan 4

“I can only imagine the wonderful life that we will share together as husband and wife.” Natalie

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Natalie and Steven met back in high school through mutual friends. They first became friends for a few years before they started dating in year 12 when Steven finally got the right amount of courage to ask her out. Their relationship was made stronger because of their friendship and love for each other.

This lovely couple loves cooking together for their families and friends. They also love going out and being adventurous in trying new food. Natalie and Steven are also quite fond and have lots of love for their cat named Bear.

They don't have any common dislikes but Natalie doesn’t like insects especially spiders, so as magpies because she has been attacked by these before. On the other hand, Steven dislikes yogurt and will not try any tzatziki that Natalie makes for him.

“You always know exactly how to make me smile and laugh when I needed. I am a better person because of you. I love you so much more than words could describe.” -Natalie

A funny moment during the early stages of their relationship was when they had quite an adventure together. It happened when they had to travel to the university together both on a car trip and on 2 bus rides. Being overly exhausted on their way home, they both fell asleep, missed their stop, and ended up at the bus depot. Luckily enough, Steven woke up just in time before the bus driver exited the bus but gave him quite a fright when he asked the driver if he could let them off the bus.

“Natalie, I’m overwhelmed to be spending the rest of our lives together. You’re my best friend and an absolute joy to come home to you each day. And I cannot wait for many more years of your cute smile, moments and your occasional nagging.” - Steven

Natalie would certainly never forget the feeling of walking down the aisle. That was the most unforgettable moment when all her emotions on their wedding day just came rushing down on her. As for Steven, it was when he was walking back to the aisle after the ceremony was finished and sharing the joy amongst their friends and family members.

During the reception, their family can’t help but get emotional and teary-eyed especially when Natalie’s father shared his heartfelt speech about her forever little girl. In the same way, Steven’s father and mother shared their experiences, words of wisdom and advice to their son as he embarks on a journey toward his married life with Natalie. The couple shared their first dance as husband and wife as fireworks flickered on the dance floor. Their families and friends capped the day with partying and dancing, celebrating altogether with the happy newly-wed couple on their special wedding day.

Source: Images supplied courtesy of Mark Jay Photography


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