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A Sweet Ending for a New Beginning

Updated: Jan 4

Naz and Alex first met when they were at university. Back then, the university was called the University of Western Sydney. Alex still remembers the first time he met Naz. It was a memorable moment at a uni bus stop for Alex as he also remembers that day including what Naz was wearing and even her rosy cheeks.

Naz and Alex like travelling to Japan. They also like gardening and animals. They shy away from being the centre of attention.

Like some other couples, Naz did not like Alex at first. She didn’t like that Naz was the star student in the Animation class instead of her. So what she did was befriend Alex, keeping her enemies close and thought maybe she would learn a thing or two about Animation. What Naz did not know was that Alex liked her from the very beginning but was oblivious to her schemes.

And that's the story of how they first met 11 years ago. And now, they have celebrated their love for each and took their sacrament of matrimony together with the people that matter most.

Naz and Alex had an intimate wedding ceremony witnessed by their closest families and friends. The most memorable moment for Alex was when he saw Naz as she walked down the aisle, forcing him to recompose as he was getting emotional. Naz, on the other hand, will always remember how nice it was to be kneeling in front of the altar inside the church with her husband. It was a lovely moment between them and God.

Right after the ceremony, everybody just cheered as the priest blessed them to kiss as husband and wife for the very first time. During the reception, two of the most important people for Naz and Alex as well as their parents gave their best cheers and wishes to the lovely couple that made the celebration more memorable and special.

“Alex, it is your responsibility to take care of my daughter. My daughter, Naz, it is your responsibility to take care of Alex, your husband.” - Naz’ father

Even though the wedding celebration was intimate, you can really feel the love among family members and friends as they listened, laughed, and danced the night away. They all shared the sweet moments when Naz’ father danced with his daughter and when the couple gave their final speech to cap off the night.

“I can’t help but think that you guys might think that I look extremely happy. And that is not a lie. I’m extremely happy. How could I not be? I met this beautiful girl 11 years ago. And ever since I saw her, I was infatuated. She had extremely rosy cheeks and that’s basically burned into my mind. And she’s an extremely supportive person and I’m blessed to be in her life.” - Alex


The Vendors

  • Photobooth = Paradise Photobooth (

  • Magician = Ronald Chow Magic (

  • Flowers = Sis Florist (

  • Hair = Hair by Leiyah (

  • Wedding Coordinators = Crystal and Kay Weddings and Events (

  • Give Aways = Lisa's Cupcakes (

  • Make Up = Ana Piukana (


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