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When Heavy Rain Finally Poured Out

“The time you met for the first time is the time when you realise that all you want to be is yourself with that one person who loves and feels the same way.” - Ariane P.

Wedding Film Teaser by MTW Production

Jessica and Carmelo first met at a music event when they were introduced through mutual friends. They started talking with each other and did not leave each other’s side the whole day and throughout the night. And from that moment on, their bond grew stronger and they have been the same ever since.

Besides being easy-going and friendly individuals, drinking good red wine and indulging in good food are the two things that this beautiful couple have in common, well, there’s also their dislike for peas and mushrooms. One of the funny stories that Jessica and Carmelo shared was the “adventure” they had on their first date. They had to park quite far away from the restaurant. It was almost dinner time, and they had to walk through an intimidating looking park to get to the place. Walking through a park at night can be scary at times, and this was no different as they came across several interesting people that would make anyone feel uncomfortable. As they walked through the park, a strange and rough looking person started to follow them, rolling his suitcase along. Luckily, another man intervened and distracted the suitcase rolling man. Bins were kicked around and an argument ensued. Jessica thought Carmelo remained composed as he calmly led her to the restaurant unscathed. But when they retold the story of their first date encounter, Carmelo admitted that he was scared the whole time.

Wedding Film Highlight by MTW Production

The whole morning of their wedding day Jessica and Carmelo both felt nervous, and like their first date they managed to keep each other calm, and as cliche as it may seem, they both felt at ease and an amazing sense of relief came over them when they finally saw each other down the aisle.

Courtesy and Photographed by Chris from At Dusk

The skies were grey all day and the heavy rain poured after the wedding, mother nature signifying the strong love and happiness of the beautiful union of Carmelo and Jessica.

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