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On top of the world

“When I am with you, I feel I’m on top of the world. You’ve always put me first and tried to be the best partner any woman could ask for.” - Billie-Lee

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Ryan and Billie-Lee first met back when they were in high school 6 years ago. They went on a school excursion to “ready steady cook” and that day, Ryan made her laugh so hard and since then, they spoke non-stop and have been together and inseparable.

This lovely couple shares a lot of bonding moments with each other. They both love going on little adventures and exploring new restaurants together. Ryan loves sports and exercise whilst Billie-Lee likes cooking and eating. They both love their fur baby named Juddy.

The first few times when Ryan drove Billie-Lee home, she used to tell him that she lived in a different house. When Ryan dropped her off, she just waited outside that house until he drove away and then she would walk to her actual house.

The wedding ceremony was held in a beautiful open-spaced area filled with trees. An extraordinary sight where everyone gathered to witness Ryan and Billie-Lee lovingly exchanged their promises and vows.

During the ceremony, when Billie-Lee was walking down the aisle and saw Ryan standing there, she felt like she wanted to run into his arms and couldn't believe that they were about to get married to each other for the rest of their lives. Ryan felt emotional when he finally saw Billie-Lee walking down the isle. When they held hands, she instantly knew that their wedding day was going to be the best day of their lives. And true enough, it was such a beautiful day for Ryan and Billie-Lee as their wedding ceremony and reception were full of love, celebration, and dancing with their families and friends who witnessed their tying of knots and exchange of vows.

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