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We all understand that everyone are on lock-down and has to remain isolated until further advise by the government. It may take 6 months or more. The last thing on the mind of an engaged couple is planning a wedding, knowing the financial challenge ahead and employment stability is still uncertain. At the end of all this crisis, is an economy wanting to bounce back (slowly but surely). It will be a buyers market, consumer friendly and discounts and deals for everyone to take advantage on. You'll be able to plan your wedding, but the only downside is the availability of dates, as everyone will be on the same mindset.

Its nice to be proactive. Start planning your wedding while you're in isolation. Contact any vendors that will likely provide deals without any outlaying any money or does not require any visitation or appointment. What do you got to lose. It will definitely take the stress out when the day comes that requires your attention. At MTW Production, we have rescheduled all our weddings until July 2020 for next year. This means that availability for next year wedding is limited. Majority of the wedding industry will be in the same situation. Subscribe to our mailing list and be the first to receive any Discounts and Promotions before any other engaged couple. You can unsubscribe any time no questions ask and no follow up email. Like you and I, we don't like any spam emails.

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