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The Perfect Time For Us

“Everything has the right timing, and I think that’s what God has planned for us. And today proved that.”- Arthur

The first time Arthur met Camille in a club 15 years ago was something that happened at the right time and at the right moment. He instantly knew that there was something special about her. And even though that something was beyond his comprehension, it has always drawn Arthur towards Camille closer.

Wedding Teaser by MTW Production

Part of their bonding time is just chilling and watching Netflix. They love to go out and snack outside with their trustee pizza. Just like any other couples, they started as friends for a very long time before going to the next level. When Arthur was courting Camille, he would always persistently try to make and start a conversation with her through Facebook that would begin with a phrase, “Are you free to catch up?”

Their constant bonding paved the way for Camille and Arthur to be in a relationship that they have right now. Everything had perfect timing as if God had already planned their meeting, courting, being in a relationship till the very day of their union as husband and wife.

The wedding ceremony was kept intimate. Arthur’s brother was in Sweden, but still, he’s presence was occupied by the rest of his close families and friends. The reception area was filled with a variety of white flowers draped around the place, perfect for the rustic theme of Camille and Arthur’s wedding. The windows allowed the sun and wind to energise the whole room that is already filled with tears, laughter, family members, and kids celebrating with the beautiful couple.

Image courtesy of Josh Conception Photography

“First time I met you, I knew there was something. And all this time, I wasn’t lying when I said that, you have always been special. There was always something about you that has always drawn me towards you.” - Arthur

Camille has always been the teary one. But surprisingly, Arthur can’t help but pause, laugh heartily, and fight back the tears as he utters his words and nails his speech during the reception. As the couple danced for the first time in 15 years as now husband and wife, Arthur burst into tears of joy as Camille lovingly smiled at him. The sight of two people who genuinely adore each other was an unforgettable view for those who witnessed their celebration of friendship, family, and love with the people closest to their hearts.

Wedding Cinema Film Highlight by MTW Production


Thank you to all the vendors and suppliers for making the day special:-

Hair, makeup and Wedding Planning: @triciajayde

Reception: @grano__


Flowers: @floweramasydney

Photography: @jcpweddings

Cinematography: @mtwproduction

Cake: @baked_2day

Cake topper: @pearlscr

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