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The Perfect Chemistry

“When my eyes meet his gaze as we're sitting here staring at each other, time stops. Those eyes are piercing mine, and I can swear at this moment he senses the real me. The one without the attitude, without the facade[...]” ― Simone Elkeles

Wedding Cinema Teaser - MTW Production

Photographed by Mark Jay Photography

The lavish wedding of Adam and Kristina had a classic and elegant theme of black and white incorporating a touch of Croatian vibrant culture. Kristina shone in her beautiful trumpet-mermaid train lace dress embellished with white pearls and sequins while Adam wore a modern black tuxedo suit.

As part of their Croatian traditions during weddings, their families and friends came over to Kristina’s house to drink, dine, and “reveal” the bride before heading to the church. In their custom, it is not bad luck to see the bride before the wedding ceremony. Their Croatian flag, as well as the Australian flag, was displayed at her house to proudly show that there’s a wedding about to take place.

During the bridal entrance, Adam seemed to melt away as Kristina walked down the aisle, trying as much to hold back his tears. It was a beautiful moment to behold as friends and families gathered to witness their union. In the reception, the couple danced their way into the room while Adam was holding a Croatian čuturica (a wooden flask used for storing alcohol) that signified a traditional Croatian custom carried by the future bride and groom when they would invite guests to come by their wedding. The night was filled with love, happiness, and wonderful things about the bride and groom. Besides the usual wedding program, the reception became more vibrant with the Brazillian performers as they made exhibitions and danced in carnival samba.

Photographed by Mark Jay Photography

Like any other relationship, Adam and Kristina started from something simple that turned out to be quite remarkable. It was in 2014 that Kristina spotted Adam for the first time in their university, and three years later, she never thought that the same day the first time they met would be their wedding day. But what really started their love story was during the 2nd semester of 2015. It was when his eyes met hers gazing numerous times and the never-ending talks as if they have known each other forever. And from that moment on, they knew that what they have is something special and that they can hold a future together.

What Adam and Kristina do to make their bond stronger is they never have to question their love for each other. That through the ups and downs, they promised to love each other despite their differences, weaknesses, and shortcomings. They always make sure to gaze into each other for strength and strive hard to be the best partner, ready without reservations. And to find comfort in the knowledge that the love they share today will continue to grow stronger as they grow older together surrounded by their family.

Wedding Cinema Film Highlight - MTW Production

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